• Parent Training for Family-centered
    Early Intervention for Speech & Language

  • Own the power and become the driver of your child's developmental success

    ‌If you are in the early intervention process, hoping to see a faster, more effective outcome, or at a stage where you're not sure if your child is taking a bit longer to reach a language milestone or if there's a concern, PenguinSamrt can help.

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  • ‌Our solutions: digital parent-led, in-home speech and language intervention courses

    ‌Early childhood intervention can be challenging. Our training programs can help you take charge of this journey, proactively integrating professionally-guided strategies and tactics into your family's daily routines. We also work with Chinese-English bilingual therapists to serve the multicultural families around the world!

    Parent Education Academy (PEA)

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    ‌‌Our self-guided, 12-week intervention training course offers 6 recorded learning modules filled with weekly exercises and planned activities. It also includes:

    ‌- Rehap plans incorporating industry best practices

    - Weekly live group Q&A
    - Online group chat & support
    - One CORE evaluation and 2 SLP consults

    Customized Private Coaching (CPC)

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    ‌Our tailored coaching intervention consists of biweekly 1-on-1 sessions with licensed SLPs. An adaptive plan will be made after every consultation to facilitate goal setting, intervention planning and implementation. Here is what's included in this comprehensive course:

    - Custom, adaptive rehab plans designed by your SLP
    - 30-mins private SLP sessions every other week 
    - Daily check-ins & Q&A with your teaching assistant online
    - Secure learning platform to review your goals and plans and track progress

    - One CORE-Pro evaluation for initial goal setting


    CORE-Pro Evaluation:
    SLP-Analysed Communication Development and Home Interaction

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    ‌If you're uncertain that your kids are on the right track, we provide an observational evaluation that can be completed by parents or caregivers asynchronously from home. This allows for a quick screen of your child's communication status.


    Our CORE-Pro Evaluation includes a dynamic questionnaire with a 10-15 minute sound & video upload and auto analysis and results. It also includes a 30-min private consultation with an SLP once the evaluation is finished, along with a 15-page indepth report.

  • Parent Reviews

    from families in over 26 cities worldwide

    “With my child's condition, I didn't think there was any way I could help. Thank you for showing me that there is so much I myself can do!


    - Mother of a delayed 3 year old

    Customized Parent Coaching (CPC)

    “I had almost given up. Thanks to the patient guidance and continued support of the PenguinSmart team, I now see my son improving so much!”


    - Mother of a 5 year old with Autism

    Customized Parent Coaching


    “I was pleasantly surprised at how professional the results were, despite the Evaluation being so convenient and easy to complete. I highly recommend it!


    - Father of a 2 year old boy


    “Working with PenguinSmart has given us a wake-up call on how we spend time with our son and saved us from even more hardship down the line. Thank you!”


    - Father of a 3 year old boy


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  • Learn how we can help

    If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our intervention training and evaluation services, just let us know!

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