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  • A Hundred Families, A Hundred Lives | Telehealth Support Initiative

    Committed to promoting children's healthy development, PenguinSmart is proud to partner with International China Concern (ICC) in raising funds for the Telehealth Support Initiative, which brings specialized online early intervention training services to families with developmentally challenged children in China through ICC's Family Partners Program.


    Our goal is to support 100 families in receiving 6 months ($135/month) of early intervention support through PenguinSmart and ICC's multi-discipline social work team. We cannot do this without your help!

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    CNY tax-deductible donation path HERE


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    Transforming Family Support for the Post-COVID World 

    State-of-the-art early intervention support democratized into the hands of the most vulnerable

    Adapted to the ICC families' needs, PenguinSmart will be providing

    • Tailored, remote parent training to integrate speech therapy into daily life
    • 1-on-1 family consultations with experienced, licensed speech therapists
    • Comprehensive training goals and easy-to-follow weekly plans for the whole family
    • Joint coaching & support from ICC’s in-person & PenguinSmart’s online team
    • Transform family relationships while building new habits & skills together
  • Fundraising Goal: $83,000 USD

    It takes $830 USD to sponsor a family for a full intervention cycle of 6 months

    Consider sponsoring a family for the full intervention duration to receive individualized updates about them!

    Pooled sponsorship welcome! Please contact hello@mypenguinsmart.com to let us know who you are and how many families you would like to sponsor, and we will help you set it up.

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    Last updated on 20221010

    CNY tax-deductible donation path is also available. Learn more HERE

  • Introducing our partner: International China Concern (ICC)

    International China Concern is one of the few remaining foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) serving children and families in China. ICC began in 1993 by sending short-term teams into China to provide care in government welfare centers and later established permanent locations that provided full-time, family-style care for children in Changsha and Hengyang. American Friends of International China Concern (AFICC) support ICC’s mission to bring love, hope, and opportunity to every child with a disability in China.


    Today, ICC remains as a respected human services agency that provides supportive services to nearly 600 families and holistic care to more than 900 disenfranchised children and young adults with disabilities.

    AFICC Interview of PenginSmart Founders

    • How did PenguinSmart become engaged with ICC?
    • What is PenguinSmart doing to benefit ICC's children?
    • How does the tele-health support program work?
    • How is your team at PenguinSmart working closely with ICC's staff team in the field?
    • Do you see this program expanding in the future?
    • What do you believe the impact of this work will be over the next 3-5 years?
    Learn more Here
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    *All USD donations for the Telehealth Support Initiative will be processed through AFICC. It is a registered 501(c)3 charity with:

    CNY tax-deductible donation path is also available. Learn more HERE