• About PenguinSmart


  • 1 in 6 children has a developmental delay,
    but 70% miss the best window to recover.

  • Our Vision

    To enable every child and family to reach their full potential, no matter their starting point

    Our Mission

    To provide greater access to more effective speech and language therapy intervention through a family-centered approach that results in faster and continual progress

  • A letter from our founders

    We are from different worlds - one from medicine & public health and one from business & technology; one from the beautiful islands of Taiwan and New Zealand and the other from sunny California. This is not a story of romance, but of a journey to merge different expertise and passions together to solve world-size problems.


    Inspired by how social enterprises can change the world using technology and market forces, ​we set out to create a world where families can better raise their next generation, as we were looking to start a family ourselves.


    We saw that there was a huge problem that affects 1/6 children worldwide - developmental delays and the easily-missed intervention window to effectively catch up. Despite over three decades of research indicating that more parental involvement at an earlier age leads to faster, greater improvements in a child's developmental abilities, there was no easy way for parents to themselves learn about and take advantage of home intervention and its benefits. The issues are awareness, access and adaptivity.


    As Harvard and MIT alum, with the common passion for scaling health through tech, we decided to take this daunting issue head-on. With a little magic and the combination of data science and expert insights, PenguinSmart was born!


    We are thrilled to see the changes in our clients' lives, and appreciate the high satisfaction score of 9.5 out of 10 from families worldwide!


    We are committed to bringing intelligent early intervention support to families worldwide, starting with speech & language therapy, and we hope you're ready to join us!



    Amy & Matt Kwok

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