• Parent-Centered Speech-Language Intervention for All Ages

  • Own the power and become the driver of your child's developmental success

    ‌1 in 6 children have developmental delays and most struggle with speech and language.

    If you happen to be in the early intervention process, hoping to see a faster, more effective outcome, or at a stage where you're not sure if your child is taking a bit longer to reach a language milestone or if there's a concern, PenguinSmart can help.

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  • Customized Private Coaching (CPC): Intervention at home with your own expert team

    Tailored teletherapy & parent training programs guided by a dedicated expert team of SLPs and caregiver coaches to accelerate early language development through daily life

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    Overcoming developmental delays is challenging for everyone. To help parents own the power and take charge of this learning journey, we provide online, professionally guided programs for families to integrate targeted exercises into their daily home routines and accelerate their child's progress.


    Each 4-month individualized module offers:

    • Customized, adaptive home training plans designed by an SLP
    • Ten 30-minute private consultations with a dedicated SLP or coach
    • Six individual learning plans
    • Secure platform for anytime Q&A, visualized progress tracking, and access to additional self-learning resources
    • Designated online coaching assistant
    • Communication development evaluation for initial family goal-setting
  • CORE-Pro: Quick & descreet communication development and interaction evaluation

    A unique observational evaluation that can be completed from the comfort of home, combining data science and SLP discernment to evaluate both the child's communication development and the caregiver's interaction and guidance style

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    PenguinSmart's CORE-Pro Evaluation is the first asynchronous, observational evaluation recommended by clinicians worldwide! It consists of a 15-20 minute dynamic self-questionnaire and prompted audio & video analysis. Based on your data, an SLP will prepare a comprehensive report and schedule an online discussion to review.


    The evaluation analyzes 10 key communication areas in a natural environment, allowing for a more representative view of your child's communication status, and drills-down into specific skills for improvement.


    For the Child: 

    • Language expression
    • Language comprehension
    • Oral motor
    • Social emotional communication
    • Preliteracy
    • Learning temperament & communication clarity

    For the Caregiver:

    • Effective encouragement
    • Guidance
    • Responsiveness
    • Emotional presence



  • Parent Testimonials

    from families in over 35 cities worldwide

    “We had more communication skill breakthroughs during this 4-month program than all our previous speech therapy efforts in the past two years combined. Thank you”


    - Melody, mother of a 4-yr-old boy with congenital disease

    Customized Private Coaching (CPC)

    “With my child's condition, I didn't think there was any way I could help. Thank you for showing me that there is so much I myself can do!

    - Tara, mother of a 3-yr-old girl with Down syndrome

    Customized Private Coaching (CPC)

    “I had almost given up. Thanks to the patient guidance and continued support of the PenguinSmart team, I now see my son improving so much!”

    - Janice, mother of a 5yr-old boy with Autism

    Customized Private Coaching (CPC)


    “I was pleasantly surprised at how in-depth the CORE-Pro results were, especially when it was so intuitive and easy to complete. I highly recommend it!

    - Frank, father of a 2-yr-old boy


    “Working with PenguinSmart has given us a wake-up call on how we spend time with our son, and saved us from even more hardship down the line. Thank you!”

    - Jonah, father of a 3-yr-old boy, borderline delay


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