• Empower parents to speed up speech & language development at home

    Our digital parent-centered training program has helped parents successfully accelerate their children’s speech & language developmental milestones, all from home!

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  • Equip parents with the power of knowledge

    ‌We understand the frustration and constant struggles you have with early childhood intervention. Every child is unique, and so is every learning journey.


    ‌‌It is scientifically proven that parental involvement plays a crucial role in children's optimal development. The question is how? Let us help you simplify the science into digestible, actionable pieces for effective daily application, one step at a time.

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    Confidently and reliably guide your child at home

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    Our home-based remote speech intervention training

    That's why we've developed online parent training solutions that enable parents to integrate targeted techniques into daily interactions, one conversation, one game at a time, and witness the exponential changes in oneself and in the child day by day!


    Our expert team of SLPs, and Early Intervention specialists are also here to provide 1-on-1 consultations and oversight, guiding parents to identify strategies and tactics and provide support throughout the program. Our team speaks both English and Chinese and can serve the needs of bilingual families.

  • Here is how to start your training:

    #1. Let's talk about you

    ‌Schedule a meeting with us, so we can fully understand your situation and help you choose the training that meets your needs.


    #2. Let's learn about your child

    Our SLPs will evaluate your child’s development and your family dynamic, and work with you to set up goals and plans for you to implement at home.


    #3. Start training and interacting with your child

    Start your personalized family training plan and track your own progress. Your designated online tutor and SLP coach will accompany you all the way, answer your questions, and help you and your child improve!

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  • Why PenguinSmart?

    In-home parent empowerment

    Parents take the lead to strategically and effectively integrate early intervention into daily home life scenarios.

    Time and cost-efficient ‌‌

    Home-based training and coaching save the time and cost of commuting to treatments in various locations.

    Fast, result-driven
    Professionally designed training plans incorporating industry best practices result in faster progress and better outcomes.

    High level of security and privacy ‌

    100% confidential evaluation, training, and consultations backed by secured online platforms

  • Our areas of focus

    ‌We focus on restoring communication abilities for children with all types of developmental issues:

    • ‌Receptive language
    • Social communications & emotions
    • Oral motor control
    • Parent implementation skills
    • Expressive language
    • Pre-linguistic communication
    • Pre-literacy skills
    • Augmentative & alternative communication

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  • What parents say about us

    early interventionist parent testimonial

    ‌"As a working mom with two kids and limited time, PenguinSmart's parent training service is the most suitable early intervention solution for my family. Before, I could only take my child to a 30-min early intervention session once a week. Now, my child is exposed to intervention tactics the whole day as PenguinSmart helps me integrate them into my daily life. "

    -Kayla, mother of a 2.5 year-old child with general speech delay

  • We'd love to hear from you!

    We'd like to learn more about your child's story and walk you through our approach to accelerating your child's speech development and delivering transformative parent training.

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  • What our parents say about us

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    ‌"PenguinSmart has changed our lives. I cannot describe my joy hearing my son say, 'Thank you Mommy,' for the first time!"

    -Mother of a 5 year-old boy with Autism & hearing impairment

    ‌"As a working mom with two kids, I don't have any time for other solutions other than PenguinSmart's parent guidance service. Before, I could only take my child to an early intervention center once a week. Now I have countless times a week as PenguinSmart helps integrate intervention into my daily life."

    -Mother of two, a renewing client

  • Three steps to start your training:

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  • How Can We Help?

    Transform the rehab experience for both you and your child in just 20 minutes a day!

    Pair up with a Certified SLP and Learning Assistant to Help You Design and Oversee Your Home Intervention Plan

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    2-4 consultations every month with a licensed speech-language pathologist, in either English or Mandarin Chinese

    Easy-to-use & Secure Intervention Guidance System to Help You Keep on Track

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    With personalized rehab plans, progress tracking, therapist interaction between sessions, and a dedicated case management team - all from your computer or mobile device

  • PenguinSmart


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    Help your child whenever you need, wherever you are.

    Less wait time = More valuable interaction

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    Overseen 100% virtually by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists from US & TW

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    Personalized, Targeted Goals

    Using machine learning and big data to help therapist and parents turn the art of therapy into science to fit every child's unique needs

  • Why us?

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    Overseen by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists from US & TW

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    Using machine learning and big data to help therapist and parents turn the art of therapy into science for every unique child

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    Help your child whenever you can, wherever you are.

    Less wait time = More valuable interaction

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  • Helping Busy Parents Bridge Early Development Gaps

    Find out how hundreds of children have improved 2x in their developmental outcomes, all from home!