PenguinSmart and BenefitHub announce integration that will bring parent-centered speech therapy to more US families

PenguinSmart, a leading provider of parent-centered speech and language therapy solutions for early childhood intervention, will be integrating with BenefitHub, the world’s most popular employee lifestyle benefits portal, making it easier for hundreds of thousands of US BenefitHub members to accelerate the effectiveness of speech therapy for their children while improving employee productivity.

Nearly one in six children has a developmental delay, and the most common help needed is speech & language therapy. Unfortunately, this costs both parents of special needs children and their employers an average of 5 hours per week in lost productivity. The partnership makes PenguinSmart’s insurance-reimbursable blended virtual training programs — teletherapy plus self-paced online parent training and coaching — available to US BenefitHub members, allowing them to accelerate their child’s existing therapy while minimizing disruption to work and life.PenguinSmart is a digital health company that empowers parents to directly get involved with their child’s daily therapy, accelerating their progress while giving families flexibility in where and when they engage in intervention.

BenefitHub enables employers of all sizes to provide benefits, discounts, and rewards to over 50 million employees and members worldwide.

ABOUT PenguinSmart

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PenguinSmart is a Silicon Valley-based provider of blended virtual training programs that amplify the impact of pediatric speech and language therapy. Their award-winning data-driven technology platform and customized programs overseen by licensed speech language pathologists allow parents to play an active role in their child’s day-to-day therapy process, leading to faster and continual progress, while saving families & employers hours in lost productivity each week. For more information, visit

PenguinSmart has already served families in over 35 cities worldwide in conjunction with insurance providers, school districts, employers, and government agencies, and is continuing to expand into more states. The company recently hit a milestone of 9000 at-home training plans delivered to families.

ABOUT BenefitHub

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Founded in 1999, BenefitHub’s mission is to help millions of people improve the quality of their daily lives through accessing the world’s largest selection of personally relevant lifestyle benefits and rewards.

BenefitHub helps employers and membership organizations keep their members highly engaged. Today, more than 10,000 companies in 15 countries use BenefitHub, including over 20% of the Fortune 500 and hundreds of associations, hospital systems, non-profits and government entities. For more information, visit


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Matt Kwok, VP of Product & Operations


About PenguinSmart

Digital solutions for parent-centered speech and language intervention.

Founded by Harvard & MIT alumni, PenguinSmart combines the latest data sciences with expert insights to empower parents to become a key part of their children's development journey. By helping families effectively integrate communication techniques into daily life, we see children show faster improvement compared to relying on weekly clinical sessions alone (in some cases 2-3x faster). We have already served English & Mandarin-speaking families from over 35 cities around the world. PenguinSmart is an Alchemist Accelerator-backed company and was nominated for the IFAH global "Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries" award.

Our Core Service

Customized Parent Coaching - a comprehensive 12-15 weeks family coaching program that involves customized training plans for how parents engage the child at home to stimulate communication development; caregiver training, 1:1 consultations with SLP and coaching team, on-demand online assistant support and personal progress tracking platform