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EdTech and Teletherapy Innovators Team Up to Tackle Child Development Delays in Greater China

Leveraging family bonds to accelerate child language development

Taipei, July 3, 2020 -- Today, PenguinSmart Inc. and Over-Paradigm (OPA) Technology Inc. announced a strategic partnership to launch a holistic, family-centered, early childhood development and intervention service network covering the Greater China region. Silicon Valley-based PenguinSmart is an award-winning teletherapy service and provider of tools using

artificial intelligence to accelerate the detection and intervention of child speech & language delays, while OPA is an established pioneer in Chinese-language e-learning and creator of the 815 Early Childhood Development Program. Their first joint offering will be an integrated online/offline service package coming later in Q3, which will bring together PenguinSmart's expert team of licensed speech language pathologists and online services with OPA's immersive content and tools.

The companies formalized their partnership at a signing ceremony at the Taiwan Tech Arena.

Reflecting on the ultimate goal of this collaboration, OPA President Perry Chyau Pei-Wei shares, “We are excited about building a systematic home therapy program with PenguinSmart to empower parents to engage with their child in a fun and effective way." PenguinSmart's Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Amy Kwok adds, "In this COVID era, the home environment has taken on even greater importance to a child's growth. We are excited to work with OPA to harness the latest advances in EdTech and Teletherapy to build a truly family-centered approach to inspire and safeguard the development of the next generation."

Putting Parents in the Driver's Seat

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 6 children will have a communication delay during childhood. Moreover, "language development" not only includes comprehension and expression but also less obvious skills such as social-emotional communication, oral muscle coordination, and literacy. All have profound impact on a child's future, so the ability to rapidly identify and intervene is key to minimizing long-term negative effects in school, interpersonal relationships, employment, etc.

PenguinSmart and OPA's collaboration tackles this issue head-on through a comprehensive system of online & offline offerings, which will include intelligent skill tracking, interactive learning courses, immersive content, and technical expertise to further empower parents to stimulate their child's growth and to improve developmental outcomes. The partnership's first offering will combine PenguinSmart's Communication Development Evaluation (CDE) service, online video lessons, live learning group discussions led by certified speech therapists, and an augmented reality (AR)-powered parent-child interactive tool kit. In six weeks, parents of children 2-6 years old will gain valuable skills to help their child realize their full communication potential.

Expansion in Greater China

Taiwan is a natural starting point for this partnership given its strength in high-quality clinicians

and therapists. However, since the need for parenting knowledge and tools is universal, the partners plan to expand their collaboration in the greater China region in the coming months

to empower more families to get involved in their child's communication development.