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    日期與時間:10/20 (四), 9:30 AM

    The frustrations are all too familiar to parents who have a child with developmental disabilities. As the pandemic has exacerbated the already difficult process of having children getting assessed and treated, the impact of the waits on families can be detrimental. 焦慮與挫折對有語言發展障礙孩子的父母來說相信一點都不陌生,特別在疫情後,原本就已經漫長的早療評估和治療時間又拖得更長,對等待中的家庭與孩子在發展上的影響相當不樂觀。


    What can parents do to help their child before the process of getting services even begins? 在正式早療服務的過程開始之前,父母可以做些什麼來幫助他們的孩子?


    In this live session, we will talk about: 在這場網絡研討會中,我們將討論:

    • Current trends in early childhood intervention (delays, technology, etc) 當前兒童早期干預的趨勢(延遲的評估、遠程醫療技術等)

    • How family-centered approach enables parents to assume a proactive role at an earlier time to drive developmental progress 父母如何透過以家庭為中心的早療方式更早發揮影響力,積極干預協助孩子在語言上的發展

    • How PenguinSmart's intervention technology helps parents manage assessment delays and improve child development PenguinSmart 的遠程早療干預技術如何幫助父母應對孩子的評估延誤並加速語言發展

    Who should attend? 誰適合參加這場研討會?


    This webinar is designed for parents who are: 這場網絡研討會專為以下父母設計:

    • Currently in the intervention process, hoping to see faster progress 目前正在早期干預診療的過程中、並希望能看到孩子有更快的語言進展

    • On the wait list to get their child checked up for developmental assessment and treatment 孩子已經在早療評估的等待名單中,但希望能在等待過程中積極介入並看到更快的進展

    • At a stage where they're not sure if their child is taking a little longer to reach a language milestone or if there's a concern 不確定孩子是否需要更長的時間才能達到語言里程碑、或是需要讓孩子進行早療評估

    Our speaker:

    Amy Kwok, 創辦人&執行長, PenguinSmart


    身為 PenguinSmart 的原始創辦人兼首席執行官,Amy 熱衷於全球兒童和家庭相關社會與健康問題。 她的目標是透過以父母家庭為中心的方式、以及遠程醫療的技術,提供更有效的語言發展干預,讓孩子可以更快進步、並充分發揮他們的潛力,無論他們的起跑點在哪。

    Sign up and join us for this webinar! 歡迎報名加入我們的討論!

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