• PenguinSmart Webinar

    How do parents cope with delays in assessment and treatment and proactively help their child make improvement during the wait?


    Wednesday, 10/19, 2022
    6:30PM PDT / 9:30PM EDT

    The frustrations are all too familiar to parents who have a child with developmental disabilities. As the pandemic has exacerbated the already difficult process of having children getting assessed and treated, the impact of the waits on families can be detrimental.


    What can parents do to help their child before the process of getting services even begins?


    In this live session, we will talk about:

    • Current trends in early childhood intervention (delays, technology, etc)

    • How family-centered approach enables parents to assume a proactive role at an earlier time to drive developmental progress

    • How PenguinSmart's intervention technology helps parents manage assessment delays and improve child development

    Who should attend?


    This webinar is designed for parents who are:

    • Currently in the intervention process, hoping to see faster progress

    • On the wait list to get their child checked up for developmental assessment and treatment

    • At a stage where they're not sure if their child is taking a little longer to reach a language milestone or if there's a concern

    Our speaker:

    Amy Kwok, Co-Founder & CEO, PenguinSmart


    As a co-founder and CEO at PenguinSmart, Amy is passionate in social and health issues related to children and families worldwide. Her goal is to provide greater access to more effective speech and language intervention through a parent-centered approach that results in faster and continual progress, enabling every child to reach their full potential, no matter their starting point.

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