• PenguinSmart Enables Effective

    Caregiver-Centered Developmental Intervention

    "PenguinSmart has changed our lives. I cannot describe my joy hearing my son say "Thank you Mommy" for the first time."             

    -Mother of 5 yr-old boy with Autism & hearing impairment


    "PenguinSmart helps parents deliver effective intervention at home and avoid the challenge of adapting to changing teachers or classrooms for the child."

    -Professor Chang, certified speech-language pathologist


  • Organizational Trainings

    National Children's Health Center, Beijing Children's Hospital


    National Taiwan University Hospital Early Intervention Center


    Chang Gung University Early Intervention Research Center

    New Taipei City

    Chun Shan Medical University Dept. of Speech & Language Pathology & Audiology


  • Partnerships & Collaborations

  • Organizational Solutions

    We provide customized solutions and services for organizations to expand their reach, bolster their services and deepen their impact.

    Parent Training

    Do you work with parents of young children and want to help them become more engaged in rehab? Our team is trained to coach parents to actively participate and contribute to the rehab therapy process!

    Provider SaaS

    Are you a healthcare services provider looking to increase your capacity to serve efficiently? Our AI-powered platform allows therapists to oversee 8x more families without sacrificing quality of care!

    Outsourced Services Provider

    Are you a special education organization looking to offer more services? Are you a corporate benefits team looking to diversify your offerings? Let our team of licensed professionals lend a hand!

  • We've got a top-notch team & advisors!

    Amy Kwok

    Amy, MD, MPH


    Greta, CCC-SLP

    Speech Therapy Advisor




    CN Exec. Advisor

    Seasoned cross-border board & CEO, Board Member @ Huatuo Online



    Business Advisor



    Former Director @Microsoft Ventures, Founder @Microsoft Accelerator China



    Parent Engagement Advisor

    Author of Parenting Best-sellers, "Mentor of all Chinese Mothers"

  • There is a Global Shortage of Developmental Therapist.
    What Can We Do? Empower Caregivers!

    By empowering caregivers to take an active role, each therapist can now oversee 8x more kids!

    PenguinSmart offers online services that enable effective remote developmental therapy
    we expand the reach and capacity of every therapist by 8X
    while helping caregivers answer two core questions:
    "Is my child's development on-track?

    "If not, what can I do about it right now?

  • Home-Based Intervention Program Service Flow

    ① Complete online communication development evaluation.

    ② After uploading the video and any additional assessment materials, schedule your first consultation with your PenguinSmart therapist (approximately 1 week after video upload).

    ③ Complete your first 1:1 consultation.

    ④ Log in to your dedicated personal web page.

    ⑤ Get your at-home intervention plan and weekly exercise guide, with assignments to complete according to the timeline set by your therapist.

    ⑥ Progess through the daily exercises, continuing your online 1:1 consultations according to the program.

    ⑦ Our experts will provide feedback and adjust your development plan according to how your child is performing on the daily exercises and weekly assignments you have submitted.

    ⑧ PenguinSmart’s platform will regularly update the targeted at-home exercises and activities on your personal web page. You can do the exercises on your own time and ask questions of your therapist via the Message Board.

    ⑨ After the initial program, you will complete a progress analysis, specifically analyzing your child’s performance against each target; you may then choose to continue with PenguinSmart’s home-based intervention service beyond your initial program.

    **Service content is adaptive and adjusted according to your child’s individual progress throughout the program**

  • Welcome to PenguinSmart's

    Home-Based Intervention Guidance

      Get a customized daily speech and language development program for your unique child. Your PenguinSmart therapist will work with you to develop goals, track growth, and integrate rehab into your daily life. To ensure effectiveness, our online service is designed according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's guidelines and based on 30 years of family-centered intervention research.  

    Online Consultations with Certified Speech Language Pathologist

    Regularly consult with a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) by video, allowing you to conveniently access their professional feedback on a regular basis.

    An adaptive and personalized at-home activity plan

    Experts help generate a tailored home-based intervention plan and goals according to your child’s needs. Interactive strategies are regularly updated according to your daily environment, your child’s development needs, and expert oversight from the PenguinSmart team.

    Regular updates and progress-tracking

    You can log on to your personal website to view your child’s customized exercise list, upload assignments, ask questions, and track progress — at any time, from any device you use to access the internet (phone, computer, or tablet). The platform will regularly update your weekly exercise plan according to feedback from PenguinSmart’s expert therapists and based on your video consultations, at-home assignments, and therapist Q&A.

    Anytime access to therapy support team

    Experts help generate a tailored home-based intervention plan and goals according to your child’s needs. Interactive strategies are regularly updated according to your daily environment, your child’s development needs, and expert oversight from the PenguinSmart team.

    Direct communication and Q&A with your therapist

    Online planning counseling team to accompany you, provide technical, operational and other support.

    Progress tracking

    PenguinSmart team designated therapists and the planning counseling team to follow up on your progress with your child. You can track your child’s progress on the website and regularly give feedback on a regular questionnaire or phone.


    Effective Home-Based Developmental Intervention Combining Expert Insights & Artificial Intelligence

    Licensed Speech Therapy Experts


    Overseen by licensed Speech Language Pathologists from US & TW

    Personalized Recommendations through Machine Learning


    Using machine learning and big data to help therapist and parents turn the art of therapy into science for every unique child

    At-Home and On-Demand Rehab


    Help your child whenever you can, wherever you are

    Less wait time = More valuable interactions

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